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Tom Schurman

Chief Technology Officer

Servicon Systems

Tom is a seasoned business executive, CTO, and software engineering leader with over 20 years’ experience bringing new technology products to market in various industries. At Servicon Systems he’s simplifying management of a diverse, mobile workforce with technology solutions and data analytics to better serve clients, leaders, and people. Servicon is changing the face of the cleaning industry, providing customized cleaning and maintenance solutions for complex Aerospace, Government, Healthcare, Industrial, and Commercial facilities.

His broad expertise includes organizational and leadership development, program/project management, data-driven execution, and design of flexible systems that adapt to content and scale. He graduated with honors in Electrical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. As a startup founder and active member of the Silicon Beach community in Los Angeles, he passionately coaches entrepreneurs in technology, people, projects, and product to help them build dynamic, successful, purpose-driven ventures.


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